Stevia for Weight Loss

Weight Loss with stevia can be very beneficial for your health as well as your figure.When looking to lose weight, stay in shape and be healthy, it is vitally important to eat right! It seems that everybody loves sweets, but as we all know refined sugar is bad news for your waistline as well as your health.

However, that doesn't  mean you can't have sweets and be healthy as well as achieve that nice figure and keep it! Choosing the right sweets such as stevia is key. Here you will find out some facts about weight loss with stevia.

Stevia is a low calorie sweetener which is great for promoting weight loss. It's a wonderful substitute for sugar in baking and for adding to your smoothies, tea, coffee, etc... Stevia is known to be 200 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar meaning that you use far less of it.

Artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose and aspartame hinder weight loss and cause inflammation leading to many diseases. Click for more on inflammation.  Try these links to learn more about the unhealthy affects of sucralose and aspartame.

Stevia is Safe for Human Consumption

The leaves of the stevia plant have been used to sweeten teas and medicines in Brazil and Paraguay for hundreds of years. Unlike sweeteners such as sucrolose and aspartame which are toxic to the body and cause body wide inflammation, this all natural sweetener is perfectly safe. 

The low calorie sweetener comes from the leaves of the stevia plant. Unlike aspartame and sucralose which is man-made, stevia is 100% natural and has zero calories. Other healthy sweeteners are, natural coconut palm sugar, maple syrup and honey. For more on these simply click on the links.

Stevia's List of Health Benefits

This natural sweetener has been known to lower the blood pressure. It is found to be nontoxic as well as containing antioxidants which decrease the risk of pancreatic cancer.

This natural sweetener is good for diabetics since it is known to have anti-diabetic properties that can stabilize the blood sugar. Also this natural sweetener is good for your oral health because of the fact that will not promote tooth decay. another health benefit of using this low calorie sweetener is that it's also known to strengthen bones by increasing your body's ability to absorb calcium.

Bottom Line

Stevia is a healthy alternative to regular table sugar. It's known to be safe for diabetics. It has antioxidants, and promotes weight loss along with other health benefits such as for bone strength, preventing tooth decay, preventing pancreatic cancer, and stabilizing the blood sugar. 

So by removing table sugar from your diet and replacing it with this all natural low calorie sweetener, you'll be healthier, feeling better and fitting into that smaller size before you know it!