Spelt Flour for Weight Loss

Spelt flour  is an ancient grain that contains gluten but affects the body in a much different way than refined wheat flour does.

The healthy grain helps with weight loss given the fact that it doesn't have the same affect on the insulin as refined wheat flour and it's lower in calories. Being able to include grains in your diet and still lose weight can really keep your motivation up. For more information on staying motivated to lose weight, you can visit my motivation to lose weight page by clicking on the link.

Spelt Flour vs. Wheat Flour

Unlike refined wheat flour, spelt flour is high in nutritional value. Given the fact that this flour is a soluble fiber means that it is good for your digestive system.The reason for soluble fiber being good for your digestive system is that it turns into a gel like substance in the gut causing stool to pass through easier.

It also helps to decrease bloat and gas making it a good food choice for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. The soluble fiber in this flour also helps the body to absorb the nutrients from other foods.

Unfortunately If you suffer from celiac disease you cannot eat this flour. Even though there is not as much gluten in it as there is in refined wheat flour it still contains some gluten. The flour is great for diabetics as well as for preventing diabetes given the fact that it slows down the amount of sugar that gets released into the bloodstream. 

Commercial wheat flour ( refined wheat ) on the other hand which is genetically modified and causes the blood sugars to spike raising insulin levels spells bad news for diabetics. Also when the blood sugars spike and crash it slows down the metabolism resulting in weight gain! This definitely means that commercial wheat is not a healthy food choice.

Spelt Flour Cherry Apple Pie

Nutritional Value of Spelt Flour

This healthy ancient grain contains calcium which is great for keeping bones healthy. It also contains iron, manganese, zinc, selenium, copper and phosphorus. Another healthy flour is kamut. For more on this click on the link.

Different Uses For Spelt Flour

This flour is light in texture and can be substituted for regular commercial flour in your baking. The flour has a mild and sort of a sweet nutty flavor. It makes wonderful pasta as well as great pizza dough and amazing pancakes! It can also be used has a  thickener for making gravy.

Delicious Fluffy Spelt Flour Pancakes

Bottom Line

When looking to lose weight or even to maintain a healthy weight adding spelt flour to your diet is a wonderful food choice. It contains essential nutrients, it's lower in calories than refined flour and it helps with digestion and weight loss. Unless of course you have celiac disease in which case there are other healthy flours that are gluten free such as teff, buckwheat, quinoa or sorghum and oat flour. To learn more on these gluten free flours just click on the links.