Soy Hinders Weight Loss

Soy is known to cause estrogen levels to rise resulting in weight gain. When hormones are disrupted the body cannot function properly. High levels of estrogen result in fluid retention causing you to look and feel bloated.

Also the body has a very difficult time trying to break it down. As a result the digestive system becomes overworked putting stress on the pancreas resulting in hormonal problems. This leads to slow metabolism, weight gain and poor health!

Almond Milk vs. Soy Milk

For quite some time now people have been encouraged to drink soy milk as well as other soy based products such as soy protein isolate. Such drinks made from this are not good news for your weight or for your complexion given the fact that they mess around with your hormones and tend to make the body toxic.

Almond milk however is a much better way way to go for those who are lactose intolerant. Almonds are actually known to encourage weight loss! When choosing almond milk however, choose a brand that doesn't contain sugar or gums. Another option for those who are sensitive to lactose is lactose free milk. 

Dangers of Using Soy Protein Isolate

This product contains toxic levels of isoflavones. It contains nitrites which are carcinogenic, high levels of aluminum and high amounts of toxins. Soybeans actually contain their own toxins making them unhealthy. Also 99% of soybeans are GMO ( genetically modified ).

Genetically modified foods are unnatural. Unnatural foods spell weight gain and sickness. When GMO foods are consumed the body literally does not know how to process it so it just stores it as fat and toxic waste.

When the body becomes toxic it causes internal inflammation resulting in disease. As matter of fact inflammation is the leading cause of all diseases!

Bottom Line

Soybeans and products made from them such as soy protein isolate and soy milk are not good for your weight or for your health! There are far better choices such as almond milk or lactose free milk. Almonds promote weight loss as well as other nuts. For more on the health benefits of nuts click on the link.

Also if looking for a protein powder that promotes weight loss a great choice would be hydrolyzed collagen peptides. For more on collagen peptides click on the link. And of course eggs are another amazing source of protein.

So as I like to always say, when looking to improve your health and lose weight natural remedies are the way to go. Choose foods that are natural and watch your weight and health improve fast!