Margarine Hinders Weight Loss

Margarine is a partially hydrogenated oil which is man-made meaning it's been created in a laboratory. It is also only one molecule away from being plastic! Because of the fact that it's unnatural, the body cannot break it down and therefore it just sits in the body getting stored as fat while causing the body to become toxic!

This unnatural food not only causes weight gain but all around poor health. I like to put it this way. What would happen if you put water into your gasoline tank? Your vehicle obviously would not be able to work. Well, when we put artificial foods into our body's such as margarine, our body's cannot function properly resulting in low metabolism, weight gain and other health issues.

Butter vs. Margarine

Even though we've been made believe for so many years that butter which is a saturated fat is bad for your health, this is anything but the truth. It's since been scientifically proven that saturated fats do not cause cardiovascular disease nor do they make you fat!

Butter which is a saturated fat enables the body to absorb the nutrients from your fruits and vegetables. It also speeds the metabolism helping with weight loss! This natural healthy fat contains some very important vitamins and minerals such as, vitamin B 12, vitamin D, vitamin B 6, vitamin A, iron, magnesium and calcium.

Margarine Causes Poor Health

Margarine can really mess with the thyroid by either slowing it down or speeding it up. If you already have hyperthyroidism which is a condition where your thyroid is overactive, then eating this unhealthy oil can make it worse.

The oil is also known to cause heart problems, cancer and bone disorders. There is absolutely no health benefits to this artificial food.

Bottom Line

Margarine is fake butter that have been making many people sick and overweight. Natural food is the way to go. It's quite obvious that saturated fats such as butter have not been the problem with obesity in North America.

Just take a look at the people when your at the supermarket that are purchasing low fat products and yet North America has a staggering obesity rate  with more than one third of adults  which are obese and 13% of children and adolescents.

It's time for us to come to the realization that saturated fat such as butter is not the problem but artificial foods such as margarine and shortening are a huge problem for our weight and health. For more information on shortening please click on the link.

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