Lose Weight Quickly

Lose Weight Quickly With Food

To lose weight quickly doesn't mean that you have to be hungry or spend hours a day at the gym! You can lose weight quickly by eating. Yes, that's right, you can eat and feel satisfied and still lose weight. It's all about what you eat. Being able to enjoy delicious foods will keep you motivated. For more on feeling motivated to lose weight you can visit my motivation to lose weight page.

The whole crash diet plan and diet pills to lose weight is nothing but a farce. And when I say crash diet, I'm not referring to a cleanse which is actually good for the body when done properly. A juice "cleanse" will clean the body of all the chemicals and preservatives that are added to processed foods which are a big reason if not the number one reason why so many people are struggling with being overweight to begin with.

Foods to Eat for Weight Loss

The whole don't eat fat or you'll get fat story is simply not true. As a matter of fact eating fat if it's the right fat will turn up the furnaces in your cells and speed your metabolism helping you to lose weight quickly. The right fats to eat are, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, ghee and butter. For more on these healthy fats click on the links.

The bad fats that cause inflammation and weight gain are partially hydrogenated oils such as margarine and I mean all margarine and shortening. Another oil to stay away from is canola oil. These oils are inflammatory and bad news for your waistline and your health. For more on these bad fats click on the links.

You can also eat sweets and get slim. You can make baked goods with honey, maple syrup, stevia or coconut palm sugar and of course the right grains. Grains such as kamut , sorghum, spelt, teff , buckwheat, quinoa and oat flour. Also when choosing these ancient healthy grains you should try to get them sprouted since this makes them even easier for the body to process. For more on these healthy sweeteners and grains simply click on the links.

Steer clear of commercial wheat because it's genetically modified and very taxing on the digestive system. So even the so called healthy whole wheat and multigrain breads are bad for your waistline and for your health. And also stay away from artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame. Both of these sweeteners cause inflammation and weight gain. For more on sucralose and aspartame click on the links.

Fruit is also good for curbing that sweet tooth and will not cause weight gain as long as it's eaten in the right amounts. And extra dark chocolate which contains at least 72% cocoa mass is okay in small amounts but be sure it doesn't contain partially hydrogenated oils such as margarineshortening or canola oil. For more on these unhealthy fats simply click on the links.

teff flour

unpasteurized honey

Bottom Line

You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight. All you need to do is know which foods to eat that speed the metabolism and stay away from the garbage processed foods and artificial foods. And as mentioned earlier on, to give the body a kick start to burning fat you can do a juice cleanse.

A juice cleanse that I do is one that has been put out by Dr. Elson Haas. I do an annual 7 day juice cleanse with only  fresh squeezed juices. This is great for giving the body a kick start by cleaning the body of all toxins and revving the metabolism.