Kamut Flour for Weight Loss

Kamut flour helps with weight loss due to it's high protein content. Compared to many other grains that are out there this flour is known to have quite a higher amount of fatty acids that are good for your heart. For information on many weight loss foods you can visit my weight loss diet page by clicking on the link.

Nutritional Value of Kamut Flour

This healthy grain is rich in fatty acids and 40% higher in protein than regular wheat flour, and contains zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, thiamine , niacin, copper, selenium and molybdenum.

The grain is not only rich in vitamins and minerals but is also a high source of fiber which is great for the digestive system by helping the body to rid itself of toxins through supporting regularity.

Given the fact that the flour contains zinc means that it's good for the skin as well as the immune system. Zinc is also great for fighting inflammation. The phosphorus in the grain is great for balancing hormones, bone formation, filtering waste and repairing tissue.

The copper content in the flour is great for healing wounds, balancing your thyroid, increasing red blood cells and decreasing arthritis symptoms. Selenium is an antioxidant which supports cellular health.

Magnesium is good for nerve function and metabolism. Thiamine is essential for helping the body to convert carbohydrates into energy.

Origin of Kamut Flour

This grain actually dates back to ancient Egypt. This khorasan wheat flour is actually now grown across North America. 

Different Uses for Kamut Flour

Given the fact that this flour has such a smooth texture and a nice buttery flavor makes it ideal for baking with. It is also great for waffles, pancakes and pastas. It can be used for making gravy or sauces as well. You can also purchase kamut pasta which absolutely delicious. It has a mild cinnamon flavor and I love using kamut spaghetti noodles when making homemade spaghetti.

Kamut vs. Regular Wheat

Kamut is easier for the body to break down. The reason for this is that it has lower amounts of gluten than modern wheat does. The healthy grain is organic and not genetically modified like modern wheat.

Modern wheat ( dwarf wheat ), has been changed to make it more hearty and able to stand up against bad weather but unfortunately this makes it less healthy for us.

Through all the genetic modification of the grain, the body has a much more difficult time trying to process it.

Bottom Line

Ancient grains such as kamut are packed full of nutrition that benefit the body greatly. Adding this grain to your diet aids in better digestion through it's healthy fiber along with providing the body with some major vitamins and minerals.

The grain does however contain some gluten and therefore cannot be eaten by those suffering from celiac disease. This ancient grain helps with weight loss due to it's high fiber and protein content.

Some other healthy grains are , spelt, sorghum, teff and buckwheat. For more information on these click on the links. Being able to eat grains and still lose weight makes losing weight so much easier which in turn will increase your motivation to lose weight. For more on motivation to lose weight you can visit my motivation to lose weight page by clicking on the link.