Inflammation Weight Gain and Poor Health

The leading cause of all diseases is inflammation. Not only does it cause poor health but it also causes weight gain! This happens when your internal organs become inflamed. You may be thinking, how can my internal organs become inflamed?

Your internal organs can become inflamed from poor lifestyle choices such as the food you eat and lack of exercise. The biggest part of your overall weight and health depends on the foods you eat, 80% of it to be exact. Exercise being the other 20% of it.

Causes of Inflammation

This condition can happen from eating the wrong foods like artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose  as well as partially hydrogenated oils such as margarine and shorteningCanola oil is another culprit. Refined flour such as wheat can inflame the internal organs as well. Soy which is in so many protein powders is also bad for your health. To find out more on these foods click on the links.

Stress which is another leading cause of inflammation weakens the immune system and when your immune system is down it is much easier for you to get sick.

When your are stressed, a hormone called cortisol becomes elevated in the body. When cortisol stays elevated for long periods of time you can develop metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and experience weight gain! For more information on stress click on the link.

Foods That Fight Inflammation

There are so many great foods which can help heal the body of this condition. Green Leafy Vegetables and nuts are among are just some of these foods.Green leafy vegetables such askale, collards and spinach.

Fatty fish is another great healing food. Fish such as, salmon, mackerel, tuna  and sardines. Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cherries and oranges are also anti-inflammatory foods. For more information on these anti-inflammatory foods just click on the links.

Exercise to Relieve Stress

Exercise is an amazing tool for relieving stress as well. Just going for a simple 30 minute walk either outside or even on the treadmill can benefit you greatly. Not only will it burn calories, but it will lower cortisol levels. When cortisol levels are too high in the body it causes insulin to rise resulting in sugar cravings.

Bottom Line

To be healthy and stay in shape means that you have to eat right and exercise to keep inflammation at bay. Eating the right foods doesn't mean that you'll have a boring diet and you don't even have to overdo it when it comes to exercise to achieve your weight loss goals.

So get that inflammation under control, watch the pounds melt away and your overall health improve!