Honey for Weight Loss

Weight loss with honey is achieved due to it's stabilizing effect it has on the blood sugars in your body and it increases your energy while speeding up metabolism. It also has some amazing healing benefits as well.

When choosing to consume this delicious sweet, be sure to get the unpasteurized kind. When honey goes through a pasteurization process it destroys the antibodies in it. 

Refined sugar will not only spike the blood sugars in your body but  it will also make you fat and destroy your white blood cells which in turn weakens the immune system and when your immune system is weakened you open yourself up to diseases and the flu. Other natural sweeteners are: stevia, maple syrup, blackstrap molassesand coconut palm sugar.

Unpasteurized Honey vs. Pasteurized Honey

Pasteurized honey goes through a heating process which destroys the microorganisms in it. The way I see it is, why destroy the health benefits in it to begin with? The healthy bacteria in it is harmless to humans. It has been said not to feed the unpasteurized kind to infants because it can cause botulism in an infant which can be life threatening, but to be quite honest I don't even know if it's ever been proven true.

Microorganisms in unpasteurized honey are antibacterial which makes it great for fighting off infections and for the healing of wounds. The microorganisms in the sweet also keeps it from spoiling. 

Honey Heals

The natural sweetener is a wonderful remedy for sore throats. The antibacterial properties in it helps to reduce swelling and inflammation in the mucus membranes of the throat. It also is great for suppressing coughs. It works wonders on cold sores by drawing the fluid out of them and speeding up the healing process. And due to it's moisturizing ability, it keeps the sore from cracking and bleeding during the healing process.

It's an age old remedy that's been used for wounds, imbalances in the body such as hormonal imbalances and for treating dandruff and hair loss. It also fights against inflammation inside the body. For more on inflammation click here.

Honey's Nutrition Facts

This sweet has some very important vitamins and minerals such has vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin and pantothenic acid. It has minerals, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, selenium and zinc.

Different Types of Honey

There are many different types of honey. The different types depends on where the honey bees gathers their nectar from.

When bees get their nectar from orange blossoms the honey is light in color and it has a mild taste. When the bees gather nectar from dandelions it has a stronger taste and it has lots of antioxidants, minerals and antibacterial properties.

When it is made by the bees collecting nectar from the sage flower it is lighter in color and it has a sweet taste. The kind that comes from the sourwood  tree flower tends to be more spicy in flavor. Buckwheat honey is darker in color and and stronger in flavor.

When this healthy sweet is produced from eucalyptus it can have a whole variety of colors and flavors.

Bottom Line

Honey is very healthy and should be incorporated into your daily diet. There are different ways that you can add it to your diet. It can be added to smoothies, substituted for sugar in your baking, used in your cooking when making sauces for drizzling over cooked vegetables or simply by eating it straight from a spoon.