Collagen Peptides for Weight Loss and Health

Collagen peptides is a natural protein that not only promotes weight loss but also helps the body to rebuild it's own collagen.

This is very important given the fact that 30% of all the protein in the body is made up of collagen. As we get older the body produces less and less collagen which is why we get wrinkles and lose muscle mass as we age.

All the organs in your body are made of collagen. This means that as the body starts to produce less and less collagen the organs in the body begin to break down.

When collagen decreases we experience joint pain, muscular degeneration, bone loss, brittle hair, brittle nails and less elasticity in the skin.

How Collagen Peptides Helps with Weight Loss

This vital protein helps with weight loss by building new muscle mass. When your muscle mass is increased it causes the body to burn more calories. Also, given  the fact that it is a  protein not only means that it will  build new muscle mass but it will also cause a decrease in appetite aiding in weight loss.

What are Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides come from pasture raised bovine hides. Thess peptides are created through an hydrolysis process where nano peptides are taken from the collagen.

These bioactive peptides are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream than the collagen which comes from the gel like substance in bone broth. Even though bone broth is super healthy for the body and it also aids in the healing of leaky gut syndrome.

Health Benefits of Consuming Collagen Peptides

Besides the fact that these peptides are a protein and helps to repair and build new muscle tissue, It also helps to reduce injuries to the tendons, ligaments and muscles.

It is known to help protect the gastrointestinal tract by healing and soothing the gut and It is beneficial in treating those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Another benefit of consuming these healthy peptides is that they help the hair to grow and get thicker and it helps to strengthen bones and nails. You will also experience smoother, more elastic and moisturized skin!

So if looking to improve skin texture, strengthen bones, grow longer and stronger hair and nails, strengthen and heal the gut, build muscle as well as  lose weight and protect joints and ligaments start taking collagen peptides.

Also, when choosing collagen peptides be sure to look for a brand that gets it's product from grass fed pasture raised cows ( Non-GMO ).

Bottom Line

When looking for a protein powder that is natural and not loaded in harmful chemicals and artificial sweeteners, make the right choice by choosing collagen peptides.

Protein powders that are chemically laden and contain artificial sweeteners as well as soy are really bad for your health. Soy is very difficult for the body to break down and is known to have some very negative effects on the body. For more on soy, just click on the link.