Canola Oil Hinders Weight Loss

Canola oil is actually created from the rapeseed plant. This makes canola oil an unnatural food. There is no such thing as a canola plant! Canola oil is GMO, genetically modified, meaning that it is man-made.

Man-made foods will turn toxic in the body given the fact that they are foreign to the body. Foreign foods are foods that are created in a laboratory and not by nature. When the body receives such foods it literally doesn't know what to do with them so they just sit in the body turning toxic and making you overweight and sick.

The body becomes laden down, causing your metabolism rate to slow down and when your metabolism slows down this can spell disaster for not just your figure, but also for your health! Canola oil is known to turn rancid, (Oxidize) in the body creating free radicals and damaging  your cells.

Butter vs. Canola Oil

Not only is canola oil genetically modified but it also turns carcinogenic when heated at only 225 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas butter has a smoke point of 350 degrees Fahrenheit!

Butter is a healthy natural oil which speeds the metabolism! It is known to turn the body into a fat burning machine so to speak! Butter fires up the furnaces in your cells while enabling your body to absorb nutrients from your fruits and vegetables.

 Other healthy fat burning oils are, olive oil, ghee and coconut oilFor more information on these oils simply click on the links.

Butter is another natural oil in which your body will gladly accept and unlike what we've been told in the past, butter does not cause cardiovascular disease. On the contrary, butter raises your good cholesterol and it is loaded in essential nutrients such as, vitamin A, vitamin B 12, vitamin D, potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin B 6, iron and magnesium.

Ghee which is made from butter has an even higher smoke point of 485 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bottom Line

There is absolutely nothing healthy about canola oil. It is extremely difficult for the body to break down slowing your metabolism while making you overweight and sick! It is also a GMO partially hydrogenated oil which raises your bad cholesterol

Butter is 100% natural in origin and raises your HDL cholesterol which is your good cholesterol. It contains some very important vitamins and minerals which is key for good health. For more on butter just click on the link.

Avoid genetically modified foods and stick with natural foods the way that nature intended!