Butter for Weight Loss

Benefits of Using Butter with Other Foods

Butter is readily accepted by the body and will turn up the furnaces in your cells turning your body into a fat burning machine. It's an around the clock fat burner and it's delicious. It also allows your body to absorb nutrients from the fruits and vegetables you eat.

Also, unlike what we've been told in the past that butter will harm your heart is actually not true since it contributes to a healthy heart. The reason for this is that it contains HDL cholesterol which is a good cholesterol.

Butter is a real food and taste delicious. The health benefits of eating butter are phenomenal. It aids in weight loss and it also has cancer fighting properties due to it's vitamin A and beta-carotene content.

Nutritional Benefits of Butter

Butter contains vitamins A,D,E and K as well as very important minerals like. manganese, chromium, iodine, zinc, copper and selenium.

Saturated Fats are Not Bad

Unlike what we've been told in the past that saturated fats are bad and can cause heart disease is anything but true.

Saturated fats do not clog the arteries according to Malhotra and his co-authors Dr. Rita Redberg a cardiologist at UCSF School of Medicine in San Francisco, and Dr. Pascal Meier, a cardiologist at University Hospital Geneva. They say that people can reduce the risk of coronary disease by walking a minimum of 22 minutes a day, minimizing stress and eating real food

Dangers of Using Partially Hydrogenated and Hydrogenated Oils

Partially hydrogenated oils such as shortening and margarine cause inflammation and clog artery walls. Also the body cannot break it down as it is man-made and gets stored as fat.

Partially hydrogenated  and fully hydrogenated oils turn toxic in the body leading to inflammation and cellulite.  

Make no wonder there's so many people in North America struggling with being overweight and lacking in so many vitamins and minerals. Also the lack of vitamins and minerals is a big cause of disease.

We've been told to avoid animal fats and replace them with margarine and other bad oils. The body can not break down margarine. It's foreign to the body which means it just gets stored as fat. Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic. Make no wonder that flies won't even pitch on it!

Bottom Line

Butter is a very healthy oil which promotes weight loss and It has important vitamins and minerals that are essential for keeping your body healthy. Some other healthy fat burning oils are, ghee, olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil. For more information on these simply click on the links. Also for more information on a healthy weight loss diet you can visit my weight loss diet page by simply clicking on the link.

So go ahead and add some butter to your day and enjoy the bountiful health benefits that your body will reap in the process. And watch your figure transform into a much slimmer and healthier you!